Grant Park Bungalow Renovation – Week 8 & 9

Sorry for the delay on this post. Now is not the time for me to fall behind because lots of work has been completed. This is the point of the renovation when things happen quickly.

Notice anything different about the front of the house? That’s right! No front porch! The enclosed front porch has been torn off and will be rebuilt to its original state, an open front porch.

The original wood siding is in decent shape. Any rotten wood is being replaced with new wood. The great thing about wood siding is that it is pretty easy to match. Once everything is scrapped and painted, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the old and new.

Here is a close up of an original window. This house is in a Historic Distric, so any changes to an exterior side that faces the stree must be approved by the Urban Design Commission. They want to keep the house as original as possible to maintain the character and feel of the neighborhood. In this case, that means keeping the original windows on the front and side.

On the back and one side the windows are being replaced to improve the energy efficiency. The new windows look just like original windows!

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