Short Sale Success Story in Glenwood Green

Glenwood Green Condo Community

Short sales are a big part of today’s real estate market.  Unfortunately, many sellers are upside down or in a tough financial situation.  A short sale is often their best or only option.  You can read more about how they work on our Short Sale Page.

From a buyer’s standpoint, short sales have the reputation of being long, drawn out, and difficult.  They got this reputation when sellers first started attempting them with regularity a few years ago.  The banks were ill equipped to handle them, and it often took many months to find out the sale was not approved.  Times have changed and some banks and some agents are better prepared to get the transaction to the closing table.

A few months ago, one of my clients who was a first time home buyer, saw a great townhouse at a great price in the Glenwood Green Community between East Atlanta and Grant Park.  However, it was a short sale.  If buying your first place isn’t difficult enough, try adding the complexity of a short sale (we covered this complexity in a blog post on our First Time Home Buyer Series).  After talking through the situation, he decided to go for it.  We knew the listing agent was well versed in short sale, that the seller’s lender has a decent short sale process, and that the seller was on board to get the transaction done.  We also knew that if he could get it, it would be a great deal!

I am happy to report that the property closed last Friday, less than 100 days from when we first saw the it.  The buyer got a great deal, the seller moved the property, and the bank didn’t have to put another property on their books.  It sounds like a win-win-win to me!  It helps to have experienced people working on all sides of the transaction, and the listing agent Michael Neville deserves a thanks for his hard work with on the seller’s side.

This goes to show that with some patience in your moving schedule and with experienced agents guiding the process, you can get a short sale to the closing table in a timely manner.  So don’t be scared!  We can help navigate through the short sale process!

Justin Landis
Keller Williams Realty

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