How to Buy a Home with the ADA Housing Grant

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I mentioned in an earlier post that a client we recently worked with used the ADA’s Down Payment Assistance program to buy his first home. Several people have asked us about this over the years, so I thought this would be a good time to briefly outline the program.

There are a handful of programs  potentially available to home buyers in Atlanta and the ADA tries to make it as easy as possible for home buyers to take advantage of these programs by putting them all “under one roof.” Instead of having to contact 4 different organizations to learn about each individual program, you can simply work through the ADA and their approved lenders to quickly get information about all of them with one call.

While they have slightly different guidelines, each program offers home buyers money to cover their down payment and/or closing costs when purchasing a home. The amount of money is different for each program but it is either a percentage of the purchase price (10-20%) or a flat amount ($10,000). The best part? You can combine different programs which allows the money to add up quickly. For example, if you utilized each program at the maximum amount, you could qualify for up to $60,000 in down payment assistance money!

So let me guess, you’re waiting to hear the catch? There really isn’t one. You simply have to have an income within the income limits for the program, if you own another home it must be sold prior to closing, and you must live in the home you buy. Single family homes, condos, and townhomes can all be eligible.

Homes in different neighborhoods can qualify for different programs and different amounts of money, so contact us today and we can help find the home that is the best fit for you while helping you get as much down payment assistance money as possible!


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