Atlanta Mortgage Lending Partner – Mark Daker, Fidelity Bank

At Team Rich Richardson, we try to surround ourselves with the top vendors in each facet of the real estate transaction. We know how important this is to making your home buying or selling experience the best it can possibly be. When buying a home, one of the most important partners is your lender. They handle the biggest financial aspect of the transaction, and so much hinges on your relationship with them and their performance.  Plus you want to get the best rate and pricing possible!  You will be paying on this loan for 30 years!

We could not be prouder to work with Mark Daker at Fidelity Bank. Mark’s highly-regarded reputation is to close his loans on time. He has successfully done this for countless numbers of our clientsHe  is a wealth of knowledge about the financing world, and you can start the prequalification process with him our Financing Page.

Mark has almost a decade of experience in the mortgage industry and has worked with Fidelity Bank Mortgage for nearly 3 years.  Fidelity Bank Mortgage is a full service lender, which means borrowers receive all the competitive pricing benefits of a loan broker, since Fidelity has access to nearly all major mortgage investors.  However, since Fidelity is also a full service bank, they can offer the level of service you would expect from a local bank, rather then a broker.  Thus, loans are processed, underwritten, and funded from Mark’s local office.  Consequently, the process is always as stress-free, efficient and professional as possible.   Additionally, since Fidelity does lend its own funds and has direct contracts with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Fidelity can then offer numerous programs that are exclusive to direct lenders, to include rehabilitation loans, down payment assistance programs and direct government loans, i.e. USDA and VA.  While this model of business was at one time frequently seen, the number of direct lenders in Georgia are now minimal.  This model ensures Mark’s customers receive a combination of the best rates, costs and services the mortgage industry has to offer.

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